Basement swimming pool with seamless resin floors and walls, imitating polished concrete

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floors and walls in resin, mineral and terrazzo

London museum exhibition with a custom design resin floor

Low Carbon Surfaces

floors and walls in resin, mineral and terrazzo

studio apartment with polished concrete effect floor

Low Carbon Surfaces

floors and walls in resin, mineral and terrazzo

Custom terrazzo flooring with embedded rail tracks

Low Carbon Surfaces

floors and walls in resin, mineral and terrazzo

Colourful office and retail resin flooring in bright yellow

Low Carbon Surfaces

floors and walls in resin, mineral and terrazzo

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About us


Since 2009, we have delivered many thousands of residential and commercial projects both in the UK and internationally and we pride ourselves on customer delight. We are an active member of FeRFA (The Resin Flooring Association) and have won awards for our installations every year from 2012-2022. The quality of our work and our personalised customer service speak volumes – giving you peace of mind that you have trusted your installation to the experts.

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Our Service

Our service options explained

We offer three levels of service, The Pro Service, The Partner Programme, and DIY.

As our installation teams are often fully booked many weeks in advance, in 2022 we introduced our Partner Programme and DIY option to give more flexibility for faster installations and lower costs.

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The Pro Service

  • Material Supply and installation by 正规正规官方官方啊_SPHERE8_开奖澳洲体彩5好数字好数字
  • Use our in house expertise
  • Single source warranty

Partner program

  • Material supply with installation by an approved subcontractor
  • Faster installation times
  • Usually lower costs
  • Back to back warranty with installer partner

Do It Yourself (DIY)

  • Only available for a few basic systems
  • Material supply only
  • Training courses available
  • Product - only warranty


EPI Superbase Mineral in a hallway

May 29 2024

System Focus: EPI Superbase Mineral

EPI Superbase Mineral is a resin floor with a blended lightweight mineral filler. The tough elastic floor has a depth of colour and visual texture.

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Grey Resin Floor in a Showroom for Clerkenwell Design Week

May 14 2024

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Nordic Design House has a brand new showroom in Clerkenwell, London, stocking TreCe and Glimakra of Sweden office interior furniture. Their minimalist Scandinavian styles were the perfect match for 正规正规官方官方啊_SPHERE8_开奖澳洲体彩5好数字好数字 resin floors. In the heart of Clerkenwell, the showroom is perfectly located for Clerkenwell Design Week.

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EPI Superbase Crystal in a kitchen

May 13 2024

System Focus: EPI Superbase Crystal

EPI Superbase Crystal is a resin floor that has a subtle crystal aggregate, perfect for creating a stylish yet practical floor.

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