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SPHERE8 has teamed-up with Infinity Technologies and Start-up Nation Central to map the start-up ecosystem and host it on the cutting edge Finder platform. Knowing who is who and what moves are being made has never been simpler. We leverage our vast network of connections at Start-ups, Corporates, and Investors to deliver accurate, organized and insightful information on the tech start-up ecosystem.

About Us


Sphere8 Finder, a free and online platform, is the leading resource for in-depth information about Thai start-ups, investors, hubs and multinational corporations. By combining data technology, crowdsourcing, and a team of professional analysts, we are able to provide the most up to date information and insights on more than 500 Tech Ecosystem Players.


Ecosystem Map
Ecosystems Map

Discover and explore ecosystems. Search ecosystems by sectors you are interested in and find interesting insights about them.

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Funding Access

Connect to Venture Capitals and investors that are interested in your start-up within just a few clicks.

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Check out start-ups and companies that receive grants from our partnering companies and engage with them.

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Data Flow
Tech Scouting & Business Matching

Engage with tech scouting and obtain company or technology matching services for your company's growth.

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Market insights & Benchmarking

View insights and compare the benchmark between the sectors or countries you are interested in.

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Exploring Ecosystems

Arrange a trip to countries to find out more about their ecosystems.

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Corporate Innovation & Design Thinking Labs

We provide a range of workshops and taliored programs to your needs.

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