Market Entry & Tech Virtual Presence

Simplify market entry & company registration and guide you through the process by utilizing a vast network of expert professionals, such as finding the right local partner, establishing a local company, legal advisory and documents, tax and accounting, and web development services.

Market Entry

Our services include assisting startups & entrepreneurs in setting up their business in Thailand, as well as supporting their applications for investment promotion and privileges under the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI).

◉ Offer strategic consulting with local experts in various fields.
◉ Assist with understanding of local market conditions across major industries.

Professional Legal Services

SPHERE 8 shall support your legal, structural and tax-related aspects to help you comply with local regulations.

Provided by our law firm partners, services include, but are not limited to, legal guidance with regards to hiring local & foreign talent, contract renewals & termination, benefits distribution, and other forms of HR compliance. On top of all that, guidance in local & bilateral taxation aspects and other legal & financial expertise.

Professional Web Development

Web Development services ranging from websites and web applications to mobile applications and technological platforms will be provided by SPHERE 8 through our partners.

The services shall include discovery process, research and planning, UX / UI design, website design, website development, deployment, and after-sales services.