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Business Matching

Empower your business through the integration of Deep Technology and Cutting-edge Solutions from Top Tech Enterprises globally.

Sphere 8 scouts for state-of-the-art technologies that fit your business needs, all while taking into account the synergy between you and the selected providers.

Tech Scouting

Enhance your capabilities, gain a competitive edge, and empower your business through the integration of deep technology and cutting-edge solutions from leading tech startups globally.

At SPHERE 8, we leverage our technology platform (the SPHERE 8 Finder) and our vast network to scout for technologies that would solve your current & future business challenges - enabling your business to scale up easily, and equipping your business with a unique competitive edge.

SPHERE 8’s different tiers of tech scouting services according to your needs:

1. Listing
Explore the leading startups in the tech vertical you are interested in. We shall provide you with a short list of these startups based on your own criteria of interests.

2. Connecting
Explore, connect & establish Partnerships with tech startups around the globe with us by your side, working closely with you throughout the process.

SPHERE 8 services’ shall include:
• Support in identifying your challenges & opportunities.
• Scout for and connect you with the relevant technologies addressing your challenges & enhance your business posture.
• Assist in building the relationship between you and your technology business partner with strategic & professional support.

Investment Deal Flow

Grow your business & investment portfolio by exploring a variety of technologies and Investing in the right tech startups.

SPHERE 8 will tailor our scouting scope to your investments’ expectations & goals, while at the same time, connecting you with the most relevant tech startups based on your needs, as well as supporting various aspects of the investment process (DD, Valuation etc.).

Professional Services

SPHERE 8 shall simplify & support your entry into the market by utilizing our wide network of professionals in various fields, ranging from finding a local partner and establishing a local company to legal advisory, legal documents and web development services.

Market Entry

Strategic Consulting with local experts in various fields, helping you understand the local market conditions across major industries.

Our services include assisting startups & entrepreneurs in setting up their business in Thailand, as well as supporting their applications for investment promotion and privileges under the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI).

Professional Legal Services

SPHERE 8 shall support your legal, structural and tax-related aspects to help you comply with local regulations.

Provided by our law firm partners, services include, but are not limited to, legal guidance with regards to hiring local & foreign talent, contract renewals & termination, benefits distribution, and other forms of HR compliance. On top of all that, guidance in local & bilateral taxation aspects and other legal & financial expertise.

Professional Web Development

Web Development services ranging from websites and web applications to mobile applications and technological platforms will be provided by SPHERE 8 through our partners.

The services shall include discovery process, research and planning, UX / UI design, website design, website development, deployment, and after-sales services.

Strategic Consulting

Strengthen your business strategies and maximize your values through our exclusive strategic consultancy, which would include anything from business model revision and strategic analysis, to opportunity identification, deck revisions, application for grants, and many more.

Starter package

Our most popular choice, which is a comprehensive review of your business along with key aspects for improvement. Principal outputs shall include a comprehensive business plan with detailed financial projections tailored specifically to your needs.

Scale up plan

This plan mainly focuses on development of a business plan for specific purposes with guidance from veterans in the field.