Tech Scouting & Consultancy

Empower your business through the integration of Deep Technology and Cutting-Edge Solutions.

We scout for State-Of-The-Art Technology that fit your business and needs, while also taking into account the synergy between you and the selected innovative startups.

Scouting & Connecting

Enhance your capabilities, gain a competitive edge, and empower your business through the integration of deep technology and cutting-edge solutions from leading tech startups globally.

At SPHERE 8, we leverage our technology platform (the SPHERE 8 Finder) and our vast network to scout for technologies that would solve your current & future business challenges - enabling your business to scale up easily, and equipping your business with a unique competitive edge.

SPHERE 8’s different tiers of tech scouting services according to your needs:

1. Scouting
Explore the leading startups in the tech vertical you are interested in. We shall provide you with a short list of these startups based on your own criteria of interests.

◉ Identify emerging markets
◉ Support in identifying your challenges & opportunities.
◉ Provide an appropriate mix of deep technology & cutting-edge solutions.
◉ Increase in innovative strength and gain a competitive edge.

2. Connecting
Connect & Establish Partnerships with tech startups around the globe, addressing your challenges & enhancing your business posture.

◉ Assist in connecting with the selected tech provider
◉ Facilitate all communications and meetings during this process

Proof of Concept (POC) Support

◉ Provide professional support to bridge & support relationships, expectations, and collaborations.
◉ Provide strategic consultancy on the scope of collaboration & efficient course of actions.