About SPHERE 8

SPHERE 8 is a consulting company specialised in global tech and innovation solutions. We focus on transforming businesses in today’s digital era through the integration of deep technology and cutting-edge solutions from leading tech startups globally.

Thus, enabling businesses to scale up and be equipped with a unique competitive edge. SPHERE 8 also operates various programs to drive exponential growth of Thai enterprises and startups.

SPHERE 8 Services

Tech Scouting & Consultancy

Empower your business through the integration of Deep Technology and Cutting-Edge Solutions.

We scout for State-Of-The-Art Technology that fit your business and needs, while also taking into account the synergy between you and the selected innovative startups.

Investment Deal Flow

Grow your business & investment portfolio by exploring a variety of technologies and Investing in the right tech startups.

SPHERE 8 tailors our scouting scope to your investments’ expectations & goals, while at the same time, connecting you with the most relevant innovative startups based on your needs.

Market Entry & Tech Virtual Presence

Simplify market entry & company registration and guide you through the process by utilizing a vast network of expert professionals, such as finding the right local partner, establishing a local company, legal advisory & documents, tax and accounting, and web development services.

Innovation Programs

SPHERE 8 offers 100% tailored Innovation Programs to empower organizations to achieve growth, reduce risk and minimise cost.

• Innovation Program for Corporates

• Incubator/Accelerator Program

SPHERE 8 Programs

  • Corporate Spark
  • IIM-IDE Program
  • Corporate Spark 2023


Corporate SPARK 2021 is a Thai government-supported program designed to empower Thai Innovation-Based Enterprises (IBE) by connecting them to Deep Technology startups and enabling them to scale up in ASEAN region with a unique Competitive Edge.

The program serves as a bridge to connect and support collaborations between Thai and Israeli Enterprises, ensuring maximum value to the Thai Enterprises and high success rate for the collaborations.


The International Innovation Matching Program for Thai Innovation-Driven Enterprises or IIM-IDE program is a collaboration between National Innovation Agency of Thailand (NIA) and SPHERE 8.
The program was created with the aim of supporting successful business matching and collaborations between Thai and Israeli Enterprises, by reducing language & cultural barriers, connecting & supporting the relationship between Enterprises from both countries as well as building the capabilities of the Thai Innovation-Driven Enterprises.

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Corporate Spark 2023

Corporate SPARK 2023 is a fully Thai government-sponsored program designed to empower Thai Innovation-Driven Enterprise (IDE) by connecting them to Deep Technology companies and enabling them to Scale Up in ASEAN region with a Unique Competitive Edge.

The program serves as a bridge to connect and support collaborations between Thai Enterprises and Global Tech Companies, ensuring maximum value to the companies and high success for the collaborations.

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