Concrete Walls

Concrete Walls

Discover our resin alternative to seamless concrete walls

Seamless concrete-effect

One of our most common requests is to recreate concrete or polished concrete walls, and at Sphere8 we have developed the perfect seamless wall finishes. In both design and practicalities, our hand-applied wall coverings are the perfect alternative to actual concrete walls and can recreate this finish in any space from bathrooms to kitchens, to commercial spaces.

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None of the limitations

Most importantly, many of our clients are unaware of the limitations of concrete walls – concrete can be a notoriously hard, brittle and cold surface, which makes it difficult to live with on a daily basis. As an alternative, here at Sphere8 we have developed a polished rock-resin plaster wall finish that is hand-applied in layers over any walls or surface. Once applied it is, like concrete walls, completely water-proof and suitable for use in any bathroom, wet room or kitchen but with the warmth, elasticity and versatility of polished plaster or resin.

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Easy to maintain

Our wall finishes are also easier to maintain than concrete walls – whether in a private bathroom or a large-scale commercial installation. Unlike polished concrete walls, our rock-resin plaster is resistant to limescale and mould, making it more durable and less likely to tarnish than concrete - particularly important in bathrooms or wet rooms. It is also warm and soft to the touch, making it a comfortable and practical alternative. We have carried out countless projects where clients have been delighted by the finish of their Sphere8 walls and they act as the perfect alternative to bathroom concrete walls or floors.

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Concrete-effect finish

We understand that much of the appeal of concrete walls is their finished aesthetic, and we have created an alternative that imitates the colour and finish of polished concrete walls. Our hand-applied finish creates a smooth texture that has the gentle movement of concrete, achieved by the hand-applied finish. In addition, we have developed a carefully curated range of greys to imitate the colour of genuine concrete - from our Soft Greys to Dusty Blues.

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Over 100 colours

However, should you wish to recreate the finish of concrete walls with more flexibility in design, we offer over 100 colours in this natural hand-applied finish. From pure white or black, to bright turquoise or dark green, we can find a shade to match or contrast with the rest of your interior with the same gentle texture and movement as polished concrete. Most importantly we don’t believe you should have to sacrifice either practical advantages or your design vision when choosing the materials and finishes for your interior project. Our wealth of experience allows you to trust us with this installation, whatever the environment or size of project.

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Discover our full range

Find out more about our concrete walls alternatives at our London, Surrey, or Cambridge Showrooms where you can experience our wall coverings for yourself and view the full range of colours.

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