Nursery and Preschool Flooring

Nursery and Preschool Flooring

Discover our resin systems perfect for nursery and pre-school flooring.

Child friendly 

Several of our resin flooring systems are ideally suited for nursery and preschool flooring. An inherent requirement of nursery and preschool flooring is a child friendly, anti-slip, extra grip surface to ensure children do not encounter any unnecessary slides or falls when playing in a fast-moving, heavy traffic space. Crucially, a Sphere8 resin floor provides you with this necessity.

Hard-wearing and durable 

One of the main considerations for nursery and preschool flooring in this type of space is to ensure the floor is durable and hardwearing. These spaces are notorious for heavy-traffic (even with little feet!) and therefore nursery and preschool flooring must be able to sustain the inevitable impact of toys during play time. Sphere8 resin is an inherently durable surface that is able to withstand such impact.

Seamless maintenance

Another integral component of a nursery and preschool flooring is that it has to be an incredibly easy to clean surface! With inevitable spillages and mess created by children throughout the day - there can be no compromise on this aspect. A Sphere8 resin floor provides you with an utterly seamless, hygienic surface so you can rest assured that the seamlessly smooth surface is easy to keep glistening! The other advantage is there are no cracks in the floor to harbour bacteria and germs, perfect for nursery and preschool flooring.

Comfortably gentle  

Nursery and preschool flooring needs to be soft and gentle enough for children. Our poured resin floors are derived from natural biopolymers, making it softer and warmer than a standard epoxy resin floor. Even without underfloor heating our resin remains comfortable underfoot; this is due to the greater elasticity of natural resins which makes it significantly softer and warmer. 

Any design 

Another huge advantage of our Sphere8 resin is that your floor can come in any colour and design! We specifically curated an ArtSphere and DesignSphere system to provide our clients with an opportunity to bring a stimulating and fun finish to their floor. From intense motion movement blends of two different colour pigments to a car racing track design - any bespoke design is possible! One of our most interesting DesignSphere custom resin floors was a Narnia inspired map in a children's library- read more about this fascinating project below.

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