Retail & Showroom Flooring

Retail & Showroom Flooring

Discover why Sphere8 resin is perfect for your retail & showroom flooring.

Used throughout the UK

Our ForumSphere system is the ideal option as it is designed for retail & showroom flooring. Easy to maintain and clean, our resin is also remarkably hard-wearing with a lifespan of approximately 40 years – almost ten times that of most vinyl floors. We have installed this commercial use resin flooring system in countless spaces throughout London and the UK, from Harvey Nicholls Knightsbridge and the Lacoste flagship store to Twickenham Studios, always with excellent results.

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Extra-strong build up

All of our resin floors are applied in several layers, hand-poured by our teams of expert installers to a depth of approximately 4mm. ToughSphere commercial resin retail & showroom flooring then has an alternative top coat applied to create the grippy surface. Our crews are on site throughout, and we advise that an average installation takes approximately 5 working days.

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The practical solution

Most importantly, our retail & showroom flooring is durable, practical and easy to maintain. Whichever system you choose as the most appropriate, you can be confident that you have trusted your project to the resin floor experts, with years of experience in laying commercial resin floors, and a certified member of the Resin Flooring Association (FeRFA).

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To find out more about the possibilities of resin retail & showroom flooring, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the team. You can also arrange an appointment to visit one of our showrooms and experience our floors for yourself.

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